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      1. Lemon-flex Company Limited China


        Lemon-flex Company Limited China

        Professional Manufacturer of PLASTICIZER

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        Plasticizer series

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        Lemon-flex Company Limited Chinaadvantages

        Corporate Style

      3. Founded in 2003, Lemon-flex Company Limited China is located in Yixing Economic and Technological Development Zone of Jiangsu Province. Now, we are a state-level specialized-precise-special- new "small giant" enterprise, a high-tech enterprise, a standard demonstration enterprise of AA IT application and industrialization integration management system in Jiangsu Province, and a four-star cloud enterprise in Jiangsu Province.

        Engaged in the research, development, production and sales of citric acid esters, acetates, vegetable oil-based environmental plasticizer, our company now is an environmental plasticizer manufacturer in accordance with...

      4. Add: No.1 KaiXuan Road,Yixing Economic&Technological Development Zone,Jiangsu.
        P.C.: 214213
        General Manage: Zhou Jian'An +86-13961528555
        Tel: +86-510-87866555 , 87866333
        E-mail: zja@lemonchem.com
        Fax: +86-510-87866222 , 87866444
        URL: http://www.cictrace.com

      5. R&D Center

        Mailbox User: @lemonchem.com PWD:

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